About my other website and student loans

One night when I couldn’t sleep for worrying about student loans, I realized I would have to ask for help.  A friend helped me set up a website which can be found at www.keepjessicaafloat.com.   There you can find a page about student loans, how the laws were changed for the worse in 2005, and why they need reform.  You can also find my story and if willing, can contribute to helping me get out of this nightmare situation.  Even if you don’t want to, or can’t help financially, please visit my website and share it with your friends.

Many people don’t understand how bad the laws are and why they need to be changed.   Some people have said things to me like, “why don’t these people just shut up and pay their bills already?’  I’m writing for people like me.  I would like to be able to pay off these loans, and I have paid off student loans in the past.  But things have changed a lot, and some of us find ourselves in impossible situations.  We can’t hope to pay off these loans, and need relief!  If you are in a similar situation, please leave a comment here.  And also write the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, who is collecting these accounts.  If you don’t want them to contact your lender, be sure to include that in your e-mail to them.

Welcome to my blog

This blog is about student loans, and why the laws need to be changed.  At the least, there needs to be a one time forgiveness of student loans for seniors who can’t afford to pay theirs off.  We are not going to suddenly start earning more money.  We don’t have 25 years left in the workforce to make payments, assuming we can afford them in the first place.  Yet under current law, if we don’t come up with the money, our paychecks and/or Social Security can be garnished.  This is wrong.