If you want to help

If you know someone who is being hurt by the student loan policies or if you just think what is being done is wrong, there are ways you can help.  Feel free, encouraged even, to refer them to this blog.  So many folks I’ve spoken with about student loans have said things like “I had no idea how bad the system was.”  I’ve experienced it, and done a lot of research.  Please publicize this blog.  I haven’t been writing much lately, but the problems I’ve detailed in past blogs have not gotten better.  The pieces I’ve written are still valid.

Talk with people and tell them how bad the laws are.  Write, or better yet call, your representatives.  Repeatedly.  Weekly wouldn’t be too often.  Write newspapers.  You can friend me on Facebook under the name Keep Jessica Afloat.  There is also a group that has been working on this a long time, called Student Loan Justice.  They are also on Facebook and on Twitter.  It’s going to take a lot of pressure from those of us being hurt by the draconian laws before we see meaningful change.  Thanks for reading.

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