Still here

Haven’t been posting lately,  because I’m having trouble thinking of something to write about that I haven’t already covered.  The system is terrible.  People who can’t afford to pay without considerable hardship are being forced to pay anyway.  Old loans from decades ago are being vigorously pursued, even though they were canceled, supposedly, by the statute of limitations.

Most people not affected by student loans have no idea what a nightmare they are.  Our government keeps talking along the lines of “Hey, we’ve got all these great payment plans!  Something for everyone.”  Yet even with the plans, millions of people have to pay more than they can comfortably afford.  AND continue to watch the debt grow, since they charge interest on the interest.  It is a type of hell, paying thousands of dollars a year, yet watching the debt continue to rise.

Many Americans take pride in our country.  I’m a veteran, and love America.  Yet we are the only country on earth, that I know of, that leaves people in debt for decades to further their education.  I’m not talking about the folks who find a great job and can easily pay their student loans.  I’m happy for them.  But life doesn’t always turn out like you plan.  Read my blog post, My Story, for an example.  For the millions of Americans who can’t afford to pay, there is NO meaningful relief.  There needs to be student loan forgiveness for people who can’t afford to pay, and whose situation is unlikely to change.


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